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We’re a fully remote editing and proofreading service.

We know that great writing has the power to make things happen. Whatever your goal is, we’ll ensure that your message is clearly and accurately communicated to your target audience. 

Toronto editing and proofreading service.

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What we edit and proofread.

We’re here to help you:

Academic Documents

We'll edit your term papers, admissions essays, journal articles, reports, research proposals, presentation scripts, and more!

ESL Documents

Not a native English speaker? No worries. We have extensive experience working with clients from a wide variety of language backgrounds.

Corporate Documents

We'll edit your website copy, blog posts, marketing emails, social media posts, client-facing resources, internal documents, and more!

Resumes & Profiles

Trying to impress recruiters or wow your clients? We're happy to edit or proofread your existing resume, cover letter, work profile, or LinkedIn profile.

Film & TV Documents

Need help editing a treatment, script, proposal, or other documents related to the film & TV industry? We've got you covered. 

Personal Documents

Need something edited that doesn't fall into our other service categories? No problem! We're happy to edit your personal emails and documents.

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What do our clients say?

We're glad you asked.

"Lumida is a great creative agency, a friendly and very professional team to collaborate and work with. We definitely recommend their services."
-Francesco, Stochastic Studios (Business Copywriting and Copyediting)
"As a small business owner, working with Lumida has helped me run my business more smoothly and freed up my time to focus on more critical tasks. I would highly recommend Jessica and the Lumida team."
-Karim, Level Decisions Ltd. (Business Content Writing, Editing, and Proofreading)
"She's very professional, reliable, hard working, kind and trustworthy. Anyone would be lucky to work with Lumida Ltd.!"
-Robert Bellissimo, YouTuber (Business Content Writing and Editing)
"I have worked with Jess on many projects. She has always brought a professional and patient attitude towards her process. I would recommend Jess and the Lumida team to other small business owners!"
-Alexis (Business Content Writing, Editing, and Proofreading)
"Steve's writing and storytelling skills helped us develop material that resonates with the right people and clearly communicates our brand's purrrrpose. Steve has been a pleasure to work with, and I will continue to use Lumida's services."
-David (Content Writing, Editing)
"Thank you so much!! You are the best editor I have met (no exaggeration)! Thank you for helping me convey my thoughts more clearly. ... You made my day happy with your editing service. I am so grateful to have met you as my editor."
-Author A (Admissions Essay Editing)
"Made my writing clear and compelling. I highly appreciate!"
-Author B (Admissions Essay Editing)
"My editor provided the edited statement of purpose to me very quickly with excellent quality in grammar, spelling, and word choice ... [and] provided me with great advices to improve the clearness of my SOP."
-Author C (Admissions Essay Editing)
"A very useful revision. I could not express my gratitude more."
-Author D (Admissions Essay Editing)
"The editor of my paper [gave me] exactly what I wanted and more. I am very thankful ... and look forward to with them."
-Author E (Essay Editing)
"I've used my editor numerous times and am very satisfied as they were extremely attentive and provided very helpful and informative feedback that significantly improved the quality of my draft. I would certainly recommend this ... editor to others."
-Author F (Admissions Essay Editing)
"Thank you so much for your thorough feedback and fast response!"
-Author G (Proofreading)
"Thank you for taking the time to review and proofread my proposal. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my proposal and recommending strategy to achieve my goals. Your advise was vary helpful."
-Author H (Academic Editing, Research Proposal)
"Detailed feedback on the writing was extremely helpful in revising my essay."
-Author I (Admissions Essay Editing)
"Very informative and prompt proofreading. Very good proofreader. Thanks."
-Author J (Business Editing)
"The editor is fantastic. She ... even checked the personal statement requirement from the webpage of the university I am applying. That is something really extra. I feel like I woe this editor more than the fees I paid. Thank you so much."
-Author K (Admissions Essay Editing)

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